I’m a stay at home mom, wife, home repair enthusiast, vintage trailer admirer, phone-it-in cook and life-long smart ass.

I look forward to plopping down my words and skedaddling back to the third dimension to find more material. My goal is to post three days a week for one year.

I love writing because I can communicate precisely what is on my mind in the exact tone intended without being interrupted to see what my daughter dropped in the toilet. If only I could speak that succinctly. I want to be uninhibited and honest in this blog so I’m starting out using a pseudonym. I hope to someday reveal my writing to my family and friends, but for now, my focus is on finding confidence and my voice. Until then, I’ll keep working at it, and hopefully I’m proud of what I find. UPDATE: As of 2/1/16 that was short lived.

I write with my husband gently snoring next to me, my dog passing gas at my feet, and my kids across the hall capable of jolting awake at any minute.

Two weeks ago I dreamed up a holiday themed blog and got to work. It’s in the voice of a sassy older woman who calls herself, Lady Fremont. I envision her keeping tea steeping arms length away at all times and adds bourbon after 4:30 pm (is bourbon classier than whiskey? If so, Lady Fremont will clearly go for the most elegant option). www.ladyfremont.com

It’s 1:54 am on a Tuesday night. I have to get the kids up in a few hours, I think I’m going to like this new adventure with you. Until next time!


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