Actually me, not an HP ad. (Photo by Krissi Beeksma)

Home repair enthusiast, vintage trailer devotee, phone-it-in cook, mom, wife and life-long smart ass. I dodge irritable people with strong opinions about yogurt flavors wielding plastic action heroes. Then I write about it.


Ladyfremont.com is a collection of holiday-inspired articles in the voice of a sassy mother who finds lavish holiday expectations appalling and anxiety-ridden gatherings justification for excessive drinking.  She keeps her tea steeping an arms length away and adds bourbon after 4:30 pm (timezones negotiable). It’s an extravaganza of questionable taste with rampant disregard for snobby etiquette. She is not all that elegant or cultured but she tells it like it is, turning traditional “lifestyle” blogs on their heads.

Plunkandskedaddle.wordpress.com is a place where I plop down my words and skedaddle back to the third dimension to find more material. Deliberately disjointed, this blog maps directly to my inner voice. Silly, vulnerable and authentic.

Email: ladyfremont@gmail.com
Twitter: @theladyfremont


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